Prepping for Cold Weather: What Your Home Insurance Agent Wants You to Know

The chill of winter is just around the corner, and your home must be fully prepared for the cold weather to set in. At The Ryan Insurance Agency, serving Clarkston, MI, we’re here to meet all your insurance needs and help you keep your home safe as the warm summer weather begins to give way to sleet and snow. 

Winterizing Your Home

Taking a few simple steps to prepare your home for winter can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe. 

Check Your Fireplace

Over the summer, birds and other animals may reside in your fireplace. It’s essential to have a fireplace inspection each year before you light the first fire of the winter. 

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

There’s no reason to leave your grill or outdoor furniture outside during winter. You’ll want to bring most of the contents of your patio indoors, if possible. If you don’t have the room you need to store your outdoor furniture, purchase covers to protect it from the elements. 

Take a Look at Your Roof

Before the first snow of the winter, you’ll want to look at your roof to make sure nothing needs repair. Clear any debris collected on the roof, install snow guards, and be sure you have a snow roof rake tucked away in your garage if you tend to get heavy snow in your area. 

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At The Ryan Insurance Agency, serving Clarkston, MI, we’re here to meet all of your home insurance needs. Please stop by or call us today to discuss the right policy.