Boat maintenance for lake vessels

The Ryan Insurance Agency is here for the boat owners in the Clarkston, MI community. Our team understands how much enjoyment a boat can bring to our clients’ lives! Here are a few maintenance tips for your lake vessels that we hope you find useful.

Maintenance tips for lake vessels

While boats used in freshwater don’t require as much hands-on attention and care as those used in saltwater, it is still important to keep your vessel well-maintained. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your boat in top condition:

  • Keep it clean. Be sure to rinse and wash your boat regularly, and keep it free of algae, slime, and other dirt.
  • Pay attention to the motor. Be sure to check your motor regularly. This can help prevent small problems from turning into larger ones.
  • Be sure to winterize your craft before storing it. Don’t just put your boat away for the winter without any attention. Give the engine a once-over and drain any fluids that could freeze. Be sure that the cabin area is clean and free of any trash, leftover food, or other detritus. 

By practicing good boat maintenance habits, you can be sure to enjoy your time out on the water for many years to come! Most importantly, be sure to have insurance coverage that will keep your boat protected, no matter what comes your way.

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