How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Standard auto insurance is required in most states, meaning that driving without car insurance is illegal. The purpose of car insurance is to provide drivers with financial protection in the case of a car accident. An auto insurance policy is defined as a contract between a car owner and the insurance company. In exchange for your monthly premium payment, the insurance company will cover your losses as determined by the policy. 

There are different types of auto insurance:

  • Liability coverage. It helps cover damages for property damage and injuries. 
  • Collision coverage. It covers damage to a car after a road accident involving another car. This coverage pays for repairs and car replacements. 
  • Comprehensive coverage. It pays for damage to your car caused by such incidents as theft, certain weather events, accidents with animals, and vandalism. 
  • Uninsured motorist insurance. Its purpose is to protect policyholders against uninsured drivers. 
  • Underinsured motorist insurance. It protects you in the event of a car accident with a driver who does not carry sufficient insurance. 

How Does Car Insurance Work?

In the event of theft or a road accident, you will need to contact your insurance company in order to start a claim. The company will review your policy and provides coverage for damages to your vehicle, property damage, and medical expenses. The amount you will receive depends on the type of car insurance you have and some other factors, including your deductible. 

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