What does motorcycle insurance cover?

You appreciate an insurance policy only when something goes wrong. In a motorcycle accident, having an insurance policy can be the difference between recovering from your injury and repairing your property or taking a financial hit that takes time to restore. Besides the peace-of-mind advantage of carrying motorcycle insurance, it is also a legal requirement in Clarkston, MI.

So, what will the insurance policy cover in case of an accident? The experts at The Ryan Insurance Agency explain the different types of coverage included in your policy.

Liability coverage

If you inadvertently cause the accident, the law requires you to pay the injured party’s medical bills and property repairs. The amount is included in your policy’s liability limit. The coverage also extends to your family should they be responsible for an accident while using your motorcycle.

Medical Payment Coverage

If you or your family members are injured in an accident, the policy will reimburse all medical or rehabilitation expenses resulting from the accident. The policy will also pay the funeral costs.

Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage

Collision coverage reimburses for physical damage to your motorcycle that occurred during the accident. Comprehensive coverage compensates for damages caused by falling objects, fire, theft, hail, or animals.

Uninsured and underinsured coverage

Uninsured and underinsured coverage protects you when the accident is someone else’s fault, and the other driver does not have insurance or has a low coverage limit. In that case, your policy will reimburse the difference. The coverage includes medical bills and property damage.

Preparing to take care of your family and your property when the unexpected happens is easy. Talk to our experts from The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkson, MI, who can help you choose a perfect policy, so you can relax.