What isn’t covered by home insurance

Most people buy home insurance with the expectation that it will be there to protect them no matter what bad things happen. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Every bad thing that happens isn’t covered by home insurance. Home insurance policies have items called exclusions, and these are the things that aren’t covered by your home insurance.

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Floods are one of the most common and damaging natural occurring events. Almost no home insurance policies cover flooding. It only takes a few inches of surface water to cause catastrophic damage to the structure and contents of your home. 

Moving Earth

Heavy rains can cause mudslides, and earthquakes are common in certain parts of the country, and sinkholes are a phenomenon that has spread to many areas. None of these types of moving earth are covered in a typical home insurance policy. 


This is a hard one because it can include things like termites and mold. You are required to maintain your home, and if you don’t take care of something like a roof that needs to be replaced and it causes damage to your home, your insurance is not going to pay for the resulting damage. With termites, if you live in an area where they are common, you should be getting your home treated. 

Don’t worry too much about the things that are not covered by your home insurance. In most cases, you can add a rider to get the coverage that you want. The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI is ready to sit down with you to discuss your home insurance coverage. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote.