Three reasons why you need boat insurance coverage

If you’re a boat owner in Clarkston, MI, there are many reasons why you need to invest in boat insurance. At The Ryan Insurance Agency, we provide boat insurance policies that protect you financially and give you peace of mind while boating. 

The following are three reasons why it’s important to have boat insurance coverage. 

Boat insurance protects the value of your boat.

Boats are expensive possessions. You must spend a good sum of money to purchase a boat. If you don’t insure your boat with collision coverage, your boat could quickly lose its value if an accident occurs. You would then have to pay out of pocket to repair it.

With boat coverage, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that damage to your boat will be paid for by your insurance provider. 

Boat insurance can cover medical bills if you are injured while boating.

Unfortunately, boating accidents can happen. You want to be careful to avoid accidents, but when they happen, it’s essential to get the medical treatment that you need. Medical treatment for an injury while boating can be expensive even if you have health insurance. You might have to pay a large deductible before your health insurance coverage kicks in.

With boat insurance, you enjoy coverage for medical expenses resulting from boating accidents. 

Boat insurance protects you from liability expenses.

If your boat causes damages to the property of another party, you will be held liable for the resulting expenses. Boat insurance will cover these expenses so that a boating incident resulting in property damage doesn’t hurt you financially. 

Let us help you find the right boat insurance policy in Clarkston, MI. We’re here to answer your questions at The Ryan Insurance Agency

Getting Uninsured/Underinsured Boat Insurance

Michigan is well known for its many beautiful lakes and waterways. Investing in a boat is the perfect way to enjoy nature. However, before ever heading out, the boat and the captain need to be protected from a variety of situations. In the Clarkston, MI area, our agents at The Ryan Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage your boat needs. 

While boat/watercraft policies cover many different things, you should ensure that you have adequate uninsured/underinsured boater coverage. This will protect you financially if you have a collision at the dock or are hit while on the open water. It’s a prudent piece of coverage to include. 

But this is not the only part of a boat policy that you need to pay attention to. Liability coverage is important should anyone have an accident on the boat. The policy should also cover any physical damage. The mechanical equipment should also be covered whether the ship is docked or on the water. Theft and vandalism should also be addressed. Your agent may recommend maintaining coverage throughout the year, even if the boat is used only part of the year. The policy should also cover all personal possessions inside the boat, including sports equipment and water toys. 

In the Clarkston, MI area, our team at The Ryan Insurance Agency wants you to have the coverage that you need so that you can truly enjoy the many beautiful lakes in Michigan. Getting the coverage you need is simple. Visit our office and let us help you get a quote. We’ll go over your options and answer any questions that you may have. Today is the best day to get the coverage you need.