How can my house affect my umbrella insurance coverage?

It’s said you should get umbrella insurance coverage on your homeowner’s insurance. What is often left off in that conversation is why. Umbrella insurance is a form of additional liability insurance that covers you if a liability – most often a judgment or a settlement in a lawsuit – leaves you owing more money than your homeowner coverage can handle. All liability insurance has limits. Your umbrella insurance coverage will help with those limits. Our professionals at The Ryan Insurance Agency serving Clarkston, MI will help you with the answers to your questions.

Why might I be sued for more than my liability coverage?

Say you live in the UP and your homeowner’s coverage covers $100,000 in liability. All good so far, right? What if it snows, and before you can clear your walk, your neighbor, who is a burn surgeon, falls on your sidewalk and breaks a bone in her hand? She might need months between the injury and physical therapy before operating again. You may find yourself on the hook for a substantial bill in lost salary – possibly more than your coverage limit in homeowner’s liability.

You could lose everything.

You could lose your home, car, and everything because you didn’t shovel the walk at the very earliest possible second – even if that was overnight or during the storm.

Umbrella coverage can prevent this from happening by paying for the difference between the judgment and your liability limits.

Don’t let a moment threaten the future you’ve spent so long building. Your house can be your greatest asset, but only if you manage risk properly with the right insurance. We are The Ryan Insurance Agency serving Clarkston, MI. Call us or come in for a free quote on umbrella coverage for your house.