What to Expect After Filing a Commercial Insurance Claim?

Filing a commercial insurance claim can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never filed one. However, the process typically goes pretty smoothly in most cases, and you have nothing to be nervous about. Here is a quick overview of what to expect after filing a commercial insurance claim.

Wait to Hear from Your Assigned Adjuster

Immediately after you file a commercial insurance claim, your insurance agency will assign an adjuster to your case. The adjuster’s job is to determine who was at fault for the accident (if your claim involves a car accident) or incident. You will be asked questions about what happened to cause the damage, and all you have to do is answer honestly. Your adjuster will need to see the actual damage to warrant a visit. Photos may be requested instead of a visit, depending on the situation and the type of damage.

Wait for the Determination

Once you’ve finished answering all the adjuster’s questions and they have finished with the investigation, which should take about a week in most simple cases, you can move to the next step. However, in more complicated cases, your adjuster may need additional time, and things could be extended for a few months. Payouts will be made when the investigation is over, and you can begin repairing your vehicle or whatever else was damaged. 

As you can see, the process for many commercial insurance claims is pretty straightforward in most cases. If you live in the Clarkston, MI area and are looking for a new insurance company for your business, why not call us at The Ryan Insurance Agency? One of our friendly and licensed insurance agents will be more than happy to provide a quote and assist you with starting your new policy. 

The Importance of Insurance in your Missouri Business Plan

Starting your own business is an adventure. There will be highs and lows and likely a lot of work. When launching a business, you’ll never be able to anticipate every event possible, but having a solid plan will guide you on the right path to stay afloat. The Ryan Insurance Agency, serving Clarkston, MI, understands businesses need a plan that provides peace of mind.

We’ve assembled our top planning tips guided by the University of Missouri’s entrepreneurial experts at MO Sourcelink.

Basics of your Business Plan

Think of a business plan as a roadmap and strategy for your business. You first need to define your concept, noting what type of business you are launching and what it offers. Begin by"nailing down" that idea and move on to the details.

  • Strategy –  What is your industry? What are your business goals, and how will you achieve them? Will you offer products, services, or experiences?
  • Marketing and Competition – You’ll need to research the market and see who is buying your business offerings. Explore other similar concepts in your area and how successful they seem to be. Lay out the pillars of your concept, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Operations – Once the plan is ready, you’ll need to detail how these moving pieces will work. Layout out the details for inventory management and personnel. Choose a physical or online presence to connect with customers. Based on these choices, you’ll want to cover your legal obligations, including liability and comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Launching your Missouri business is a thrilling new adventure, and you’ll be ready. Assemble all the pieces, including expert advice, before you begin. Contact The Ryan Insurance Agency, serving Clarkston, MI, to start supporting your business today!

The many benefits of commercial umbrella policies

The Ryan Insurance Agency can be relied on by Clarkston, MI area businesses for all of their insurance needs. If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits of commercial umbrella policies, we can help! Our team is knowledgeable and ready to help. Contact us today.

The many benefits of commercial umbrella policies

The main reason that business owners look into umbrella policies is to cover any gaps that may occur if their primary policies are exhausted. Most commercial insurance policies have lifetime limits, and once they are exhausted the coverage ends. Because of this, it is beneficial to have a supplemental policy that will kick in at this time. The main benefits of umbrella policies include:

  • Additional coverage beyond your primary commercial policy – in the event that your primary policy is exhausted by covered events, your umbrella policy will become active.
  • Protection can be tailored to your firm’s needs – these policies can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.
  • Peace of mind – your worries about a covered event exhausting your insurance protection will be no more.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can gain from a commercial umbrella policy. Meeting with a local agent can help you to better understand how these policies work and if they are appropriate for your situation. 

Want to learn more? Call us today!

The Ryan Insurance Agency is here for Clarkston, MI area business owners. Call us today to set up your appointment and we can review the many ways that a commercial umbrella policy can help you. We look forward to working with you!

Required Commercial Insurance in Michigan

Every state has laws about small businesses and what kind of insurance coverage they have to have. These are not the only insurance policies that businesses should have, however, they are just the ones that are mandated by Michigan law. If you want to know more about commercial insurance in the state, give us a call at The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of commercial insurance that many businesses in the state are required to have. If a business has at least one full-time employee, it must carry this insurance for that employee. This coverage pays for the medical bills that result from an employee becoming injured at work or developing an illness from their work. This protects you as the business owner by paying those medical bills, which can be extremely expensive. It also protects you from lawsuits after an injury happens or illness develops. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

Any vehicle that is owned by a business in Michigan must have a commercial auto insurance policy on it. The state has requirements for the types of coverage that must be included as well as the minimum amount of coverage for each of those categories. It has an amount requires for bodily injury for one person injured in an accident, another amount required for bodily injury liability for everyone who is injured in an accident and another amount required for property damage liability for each accident. While there are minimum amounts required, it’s often a good idea to add to that coverage to make sure you can pay for injuries and property damage that result in an accident that was your fault. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance Policies

If you need commercial insurance to keep your business protected, give us a call at The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI.

What is included with my commercial insurance policy?

Those that have a dream of owning their own business should consider starting one in Clarkston, MI. This area of Michigan provides great support to individuals looking to grow and expand a small business. When you do own a business, you need to protect it as well as you can. One of the best ways to do this is by getting commercial insurance as it includes several forms of insurance coverage.

Insurance Provides Protection for Liability

One way that you will be protected by commercial insurance is by getting coverage for liability risk. When you are a business owner, you will consistently be taking on liability risk. If you are ever sued for liability and have to pay for damages, the impact could be significant. Fortunately, with commercial insurance, you can receive protection to give you support if you are sued for liability.

Insurance Covers Investment and Assets

A small business owner is also going to invest a lot in their business. Part of this investment will include buying assets that are necessary to build and grow their company. To ensure that these assets are covered, you will want to get commercial insurance. If you do get a commercial insurance policy, the protection will ensure that your assets are covered if there is a fire, theft, or other situation that results in a loss for you.

Ultimately, having a commercial insurance policy in the Clarkston, MI area can keep you and your company solvent. Due to its importance, you should speak with the team at The Ryan Insurance Agency to discuss your needs. If you do call The Ryan Insurance Agency, you will get more guidance to protect your company properly.

What Kind of Commercial Coverage Does Your Small Business Need?

Running a small business can be a challenge, especially during the holiday season. With commercial insurance, you can protect your small business not only during the holidays but all throughout the year. Here’s what a commercial insurance policy from The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkson, MI has to offer your budding enterprise:

Liability Protection

Accidents happen all the time and your business needs to be prepared to handle the fallout of accidental injuries or property damage on your business site. The holiday season only increases your risk of liability claims due to an increased flow of shoppers on your commercial property. Liability coverage protects you against accidental injuries by covering customers’ medical costs. It also covers legal expenses if your business is sued for damages.

Property Coverage

Like accidents, disasters can happen at any time, even during the holidays. A severe winter storm could cause extensive damage to your building or inventory. Property coverage protects your building, business equipment, and products against fire, storm damage, and other natural disasters. Without this protection, you run the risk of paying for repairs or replacement of goods out of your business assets.

At Ryan Insurance Agency, you can get general liability and property insurance protection in one policy via our Small business Owner’s (BOP) policy.

Worker’s Comp

If your business has employees, you need worker’s comp to compensate employees who are injured on the job. Worker’s comp insurance is mandatory in Michigan by law. It protects both your employees and your business by taking care of your workers’ needs.

By assessing the risks your business faces in your local area, you can customize your coverage to obtain the specific protection your business needs.

To learn more about commercial coverage for small businesses in the Clarkson, MI area, contact The Ryan Insurance Agency today.