Additional auto coverage beyond basic you may want to consider

Basic auto insurance is liability coverage that protects other people from an accident where you are the responsible party. At The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI, we provide our customers with more choices, and we also make sure they understand all the different types of auto coverage they can add to their basic insurance. 

Auto Insurance: Beyond The Basics


Collision is the coverage that protects your vehicle in an accident that you are responsible for. It will also cover you in the event of a single-car accident or a hit-and-run. It will pay to have your vehicle repaired or replaced once you pay the deductible. 


Comprehensive insurance coverage is the other type of protection that protects your vehicle. It protects your vehicle from damage from high winds, floods, ice, hail, large animals like deer, vandalism, and theft. It will also pay to repair or replace your vehicle minus the deductible. 

Gap coverage

Gap coverage is something that you really need to have if you have a car loan and a new car. If you have an accident with a new car, you may owe more to the lender than the insurance will pay you for your vehicle if totaled. This insurance will fill the gap between what you get and what you owe. 

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is insurance that will come to your rescue if you are ever stranded on the road. It is similar to the coverage you might get from the auto club but a lot less expensive. 

Complete glass coverage

This insurance protects the glass on your auto. It will replace your windshield or other windows with no deductible. 

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