Do You Need the Same Boat Coverage Throughout the Year?

If you’re considering the purchase of a boat in Clarkston, MI, we’re thrilled for you. Boating can be a delightful experience, but serious questions often arise, especially regarding insurance. At The Ryan Insurance Agency, we often get inquiries about insurance coverage during the off-season. Do you need the same level of coverage all year round? The answer is yes!

Many assume that boat insurance isn’t necessary when the boat isn’t in use. However, most insurance claims actually occur during the off-season because boats in storage can still be damaged or stolen.

Therefore, it’s important to have coverage for such scenarios. Your existing home insurance policy, if it offers any coverage at all, likely won’t provide comprehensive coverage for your boat when it’s stored at your property.

What about if you don’t store your boat at home?

This is another important reason to maintain off-season insurance coverage for your boat. Even though the risks alter, they still exist, and it’s crucial to have sufficient protection for your boat.

Note that policies can vary.

When your boat isn’t in use, it’s understandable that you won’t require as much liability coverage. Insurance companies are well aware of this and tend to tailor policies around the duration of the boating season in each region.

By comparing rates, you’ll realize that boat owners in Clarkston, MI generally get offered lower rates compared to those in areas with year-round boating, like South Florida. This is because the liability risks significantly decrease during the off-season.

In conclusion, the best solution when it comes to insurance is always to discuss your needs with your representative. They can guide you through your options and ensure you have the right level of coverage. At The Ryan Insurance Agency, we specialize in boat insurance and are always ready to help answer your questions.