Three reasons why you need boat insurance coverage

If you’re a boat owner in Clarkston, MI, there are many reasons why you need to invest in boat insurance. At The Ryan Insurance Agency, we provide boat insurance policies that protect you financially and give you peace of mind while boating. 

The following are three reasons why it’s important to have boat insurance coverage. 

Boat insurance protects the value of your boat.

Boats are expensive possessions. You must spend a good sum of money to purchase a boat. If you don’t insure your boat with collision coverage, your boat could quickly lose its value if an accident occurs. You would then have to pay out of pocket to repair it.

With boat coverage, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that damage to your boat will be paid for by your insurance provider. 

Boat insurance can cover medical bills if you are injured while boating.

Unfortunately, boating accidents can happen. You want to be careful to avoid accidents, but when they happen, it’s essential to get the medical treatment that you need. Medical treatment for an injury while boating can be expensive even if you have health insurance. You might have to pay a large deductible before your health insurance coverage kicks in.

With boat insurance, you enjoy coverage for medical expenses resulting from boating accidents. 

Boat insurance protects you from liability expenses.

If your boat causes damages to the property of another party, you will be held liable for the resulting expenses. Boat insurance will cover these expenses so that a boating incident resulting in property damage doesn’t hurt you financially. 

Let us help you find the right boat insurance policy in Clarkston, MI. We’re here to answer your questions at The Ryan Insurance Agency

Should I get an umbrella insurance policy?

For anyone that lives in the Clarkston, MI area, having proper personal insurance coverage is always very important. One form of insurance that you need to consider is personal liability insurance coverage. While you will have some coverage through your auto and home insurance policies, a lot of people would benefit from having more coverage. If you believe that you need more liability coverage, you should consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. There are several situations when you should get this form of coverage.

When You Want More Coverage

A situation when you should get an umbrella insurance policy is when you want more coverage. If you have a home and auto insurance policy in place, you are going to have a decent amount of liability coverage. However, if there is an unfortunate accident that comes with a lot of damages, the coverage you have may not be enough. To ensure you are protected, getting an umbrella insurance policy could be a good idea as it will give more coverage on top of your base policy. 

To Cover More Situations

Another reason to get an umbrella insurance policy is that it can cover multiple situations. An umbrella insurance policy is a very inclusive policy that will provide you with liability protection for many situations. This way, you will know that you have coverage if you are sued for liability.

Choosing an umbrella insurance policy in the Clarkston, MI area is a big decision. If you are searching for a new policy, you should call The Ryan Insurance Agency. When you reach out to The Ryan Insurance Agency, you are going to receive the service that you need to pick the right umbrella liability insurance policy.

When is it too late to buy life insurance?

When it comes to life insurance, age is a significant factor. Insurance companies in Clarkston, MI, including The Ryan Insurance Agency, take age as an important factor when calculating life insurance premiums. Technically, it is never too late to buy life insurance, but there is always a catch–it is much more expensive.

How age impacts life insurance

If you wait too long before buying your life insurance policy, you may end up paying higher premiums or end up settling for a policy that you don’t need. However, that does not mean that your life insurance will be any less useful–it will remain a valuable investment irrespective of your age. Therefore, if you are in your golden years or fast approaching them, speak to any The Ryan Insurance Agency agent, and we can help you with useful advice to help you make an informed decision. We can also provide you with a fully customized life insurance policy to fit your needs and budget.

Is it too late based on my health?

If you are diagnosed with a deadly disease, your insurance premiums can hike up to two times the cost of other healthy policyholders. When it comes to health, age doesn’t come into play. It can only be considered when the individual has lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol or smoking at their senior age. However, if the diagnosed person is older than 80 years, it may be challenging to get a decent life insurance policy. In this case, it may be too late.

When should I buy life insurance?

The Ryan Insurance Agency recommends buying insurance as early as 20 when you are just getting your life in order. The sooner you purchase coverage, the cheaper it is, and the better the yields than when you are in your 60s or 70s.

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How Important is Having Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan?

There are a variety of bike riders that enjoy being on the road with their motorcycle in Michigan. Whether you are deciding to enjoy the open breeze alone or with a few friends, at the end of the day, it is vital to make sure that you are protected along the way. 

The Ryan insurance Agency is based in Clarkston, MI, and we believe in ensuring that all of our clients are safe in every way possible. By Michigan state law, all individuals that operate a motorcycle are required to carry liability insurance. This is to protect the rider from anything that may occur, including accidents, property damage, and theft. 

Within the motorcycle laws of Michigan, you are obligated to have personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury/property damage (BI/PD) within your insurance policy. When you work with one of our agents that understands the law thoroughly, we will make sure that your insurance policy meets all of the state laws in addition to anything additional that you may want. As Michigan is a No-Fault state, if you are riding your motorcycle and you are in an accident, that does not fall under the No-Fault guidelines. Things can get a bit tricky when it comes to medical coverage. It is easy to work with an insurance agent to determine your needs.

Would you like to speak to one of our agents about the motorcycle insurance that we can offer you? Our agents are available to assist you what answering any questions or concerns that you may have. Please feel free to call us at our office during business hours at (248) 403-8591.

Getting Uninsured/Underinsured Boat Insurance

Michigan is well known for its many beautiful lakes and waterways. Investing in a boat is the perfect way to enjoy nature. However, before ever heading out, the boat and the captain need to be protected from a variety of situations. In the Clarkston, MI area, our agents at The Ryan Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage your boat needs. 

While boat/watercraft policies cover many different things, you should ensure that you have adequate uninsured/underinsured boater coverage. This will protect you financially if you have a collision at the dock or are hit while on the open water. It’s a prudent piece of coverage to include. 

But this is not the only part of a boat policy that you need to pay attention to. Liability coverage is important should anyone have an accident on the boat. The policy should also cover any physical damage. The mechanical equipment should also be covered whether the ship is docked or on the water. Theft and vandalism should also be addressed. Your agent may recommend maintaining coverage throughout the year, even if the boat is used only part of the year. The policy should also cover all personal possessions inside the boat, including sports equipment and water toys. 

In the Clarkston, MI area, our team at The Ryan Insurance Agency wants you to have the coverage that you need so that you can truly enjoy the many beautiful lakes in Michigan. Getting the coverage you need is simple. Visit our office and let us help you get a quote. We’ll go over your options and answer any questions that you may have. Today is the best day to get the coverage you need. 

Things to know before buying umbrella insurance

Personal liability insurance or umbrella insurance offers coverage when the existing policy limits are reached. In simple terms, we all need umbrella insurance to provide us with that extra coverage when things go beyond our typical limits. People can be very careless, and it’s not impossible to land your self into a serious lawsuit.

Injuries and lawsuits can sometimes make you pay a vast sum of money that could quickly deplete your savings. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying umbrella insurance.

Assess the value of your assets

The Ryan Insurance Agency recommends making an inventory of your key assets. Your home, cars, savings accounts, retirement accounts, businesses, and other primary assets need to be safeguarded by your umbrella insurance. Having an idea of the value of your assets can go a long way towards knowing which ones urgently need that extended umbrella insurance and which ones don’t.

Come up with a budget

Depending on your basic coverages, you can smoothly come up with a budget that does not financially strangle you. Additionally, you may also need to check and recheck the assets that need umbrella insurance and the current level of protection already in place.

Determine the right coverage

Getting the right umbrella insurance coverage is not always easy, and this is where you need expert advice from certified insurance companies like The Ryan Insurance Agency, who will ask various questions to establish what coverage best fits you. Some of the questions that may be asked include:

  • Whether you own a farm
  • Other kinds of vehicles apart from your car
  • Whether you have employees working from your home
  • What are your present policies 
  • Whether there are drivers below the age of 25 covered in your auto insurance.

Purchasing umbrella insurance is a prudent financial step to safeguard your assets. If you are looking for an insurance company in Clarkston, MI to help you find a policy, The Ryan Insurance Agency is here to help. Visit or call our office in Clarkston, MI today.

Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions With The Ryan Insurance Agency

At The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI, we want all of our clients in Michigan to understand their life insurance options. Many people do not consider the fact that they need life insurance because it is not a requirement and it often slips between the cracks of so many other things to do each month. We understand, but we also want you to understand how easy it is to purchase a life insurance policy that fits your specific needs. 

Life Insurance FAQs

  • Do both people in a marriage need life insurance or is it enough to just cover the primary bread-winner?  It depends on your individual situation. However, even the spouse who stays at home and provides child and home care will leave a financial burden if they pass because of the cost of filling the role they worked. 
  • How much coverage must I purchase? It really is a personal choice. Many people look to cover their student loans and funeral costs at a minimum. If you have a mortgage, you can get a policy specifically to cover that so your family is left with a home. The limits are up to you. 
  • I am young, do I really need any insurance? The fact is that anything can happen, and if you have minimum funeral coverage, at least you are protecting your family from that burden. 
  • Is it difficult to buy life insurance? It can be as simple as a phone consultation to discuss your needs and lifestyle. 

Contact us at The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI if you have any other questions about life insurance or if you want to start the process of buying a policy to cover your loved ones. We serve Michigan with quality insurance services and are happy to talk with our customers about their real needs, person to person. We are ready to help you get started with a life insurance policy.


Three reasons why you should switch to a new car insurance provider

Car insurance is a necessary expense, but you can minimize this expense and get more value from what you pay if you choose your auto insurance carefully. At The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkston, MI, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to get the best auto insurance available to you. 

The following are three reasons you might want to switch to a new car insurance provider to meet your car insurance needs more effectively and affordably. 

Your insurance provider isn’t able to alter policy details to meet your needs. 

A good insurance provider should be able to custom design a policy to meet the unique needs of each policyholder. If you feel that the representative from your insurance provider won’t meet your needs and offer some flexibility, it might be time to look elsewhere. 

Your premium costs have continually gone up with no explanation. 

Your auto insurance costs should go down over time if you don’t experience any accidents and you don’t commit any driving infractions. If your insurance premiums go up without any explanation, you should definitely get some quotes elsewhere because they’ll likely continue to rise over time. 

Your current insurance provider doesn’t offer good customer service. 

Customer service is essential to a good insurance provider. If you find it difficult to get ahold of a representative when you have a question or your insurance company representative is rude to you, you should definitely consider exploring your options with other insurance providers. 

Contact us at The Ryan Insurance Agency if you’re a Clarkston, MI motorist interested in a quote on auto insurance from us. 

What Kind of Commercial Coverage Does Your Small Business Need?

Running a small business can be a challenge, especially during the holiday season. With commercial insurance, you can protect your small business not only during the holidays but all throughout the year. Here’s what a commercial insurance policy from The Ryan Insurance Agency in Clarkson, MI has to offer your budding enterprise:

Liability Protection

Accidents happen all the time and your business needs to be prepared to handle the fallout of accidental injuries or property damage on your business site. The holiday season only increases your risk of liability claims due to an increased flow of shoppers on your commercial property. Liability coverage protects you against accidental injuries by covering customers’ medical costs. It also covers legal expenses if your business is sued for damages.

Property Coverage

Like accidents, disasters can happen at any time, even during the holidays. A severe winter storm could cause extensive damage to your building or inventory. Property coverage protects your building, business equipment, and products against fire, storm damage, and other natural disasters. Without this protection, you run the risk of paying for repairs or replacement of goods out of your business assets.

At Ryan Insurance Agency, you can get general liability and property insurance protection in one policy via our Small business Owner’s (BOP) policy.

Worker’s Comp

If your business has employees, you need worker’s comp to compensate employees who are injured on the job. Worker’s comp insurance is mandatory in Michigan by law. It protects both your employees and your business by taking care of your workers’ needs.

By assessing the risks your business faces in your local area, you can customize your coverage to obtain the specific protection your business needs.

To learn more about commercial coverage for small businesses in the Clarkson, MI area, contact The Ryan Insurance Agency today.

What Clarkson Homeowners Need to Know About Home Insurance

One of the best long term decisions that you can make financially would be to purchase your home as opposed to continuing to rent. Homeowners will benefit a number of different ways when they buy a home but they need to make sure that their important asset is properly protected. For those that are in the Clarkston, MI area and either own a home or are looking to buy one, there is a lot that needs to be understood about home insurance.

It Covers Many Assets

When most people get home insurance they immediately think about how it could protect their home. However, a quality policy can also help to protect all of their personal assets as well. If you suffer from a fire, weather damage, or even theft, your personal belongings will be covered under the policy. More expensive items that exceed the policy limit, such as art or jewelry, can also be covered under a policy rider. 

Gives Liability Protection

When you own a home, you will take on liability risk whenever someone enters your property. Fortunately, a home insurance policy can help you to protect against this risk. When you have home insurance, you will receive liability insurance protection that will help you pay restitution if you are found liable for an accident. 

Choosing the right home insurance policy is a big decision and can also be quite confusing. When you are looking to purchase a home in the Clarkston, MI area, it would be a good idea to The Ryan Insurance Agency to discuss your home insurance needs. The team at The Ryan Insurance Agency can help you to better understand how home insurance works, all of the benefits that it provides, and why you need it. This will then help you to get into a policy that provides the right type and level of coverage.